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After many years of waterfowl hunting all over the country, we realized how gear intensive the sport is. From filling up the back of pickups, small utility trailers, boats, and more the headache was everlasting. I could barely sleep at night in locations away from home knowing the my gear was not locked up safe in a parking lot at hotels and campgrounds. After gear was lost and stolen, I knew it was time to purchase an enclosed trailer. I finally saved the money, bit the bullet and purchased a trailer.

I spent countless hours trying to find solutions for storing dozens of decoys along with all of my gear and my hunting partner's gear as well. I had shelves, tried stacking and strapping, and even a homebrewed version of THE Decoy Bracket. I was less than satisfied with all of these solutions because I was always moving gear, worried about things falling over and getting broken, and worried that my gear required would not fit in my trailer. I felt like I soon outgrew my 14' trailer. I knew I needed a new solution. This is where THE Decoy Bracket came to life.

THE Decoy Bracket is a user friendly solution that is easy to install and does not require maintenance. The decoys are organized and secure in my trailer now, plus I have 80% more space in my trailer for other gear. When you run a spread of 100+ decoys, want to deploy them in a short period of time, do not need to assemble decoys in the morning, and want to rest easy at night and while driving to your hunting location or scouting this is the solution for you!

The best part is, I have saved almost $1000 in bags for storage and transport by not buying them! That is a good start to an enclosed trailer!